For the last 60 years, Ricci SPA has been researching and developing chemical auxiliaries for the textile, metal, tanning, cosmetics, detergents and ceramics industries.

Our home is in Busto Arsizio, but we serve more than 80 countries in 5 different continent thanks to to our capillary distribution network and to the assistance of the best technicians and specialists in the industry.



Ricci SPA manages in-house research and application labs, which for the last 60 years allowed us to develop innovative, cost-effective solutions able to answer to the new market needs.

Our innovation is fueled by science, in order to find solutions to the problems arisen due to the current and future industry's needs.

In our labs, we accept the global challenges of the textile, tanning, ceramics, metal, food and industry applications' sector.


Ricci SPA was established in 1963 in Busto Arsizio, Varese, in the heart of the chemical innovation made in Italy.

We export Italian science, creativity and commitment all over the world, delivering our partners - both national and international - high quality products, distributed in more than 80 countries and specifically created for the above mentioned industries.

RICCI SPA is an Italian company, with an Italian soul, delivering its products worldwide. Wherever there is the need for high quality chemical auxiliaries, RICCI SPA will be there.

We are moving towards new frontiers, without forgetting who we are and where we come from.



We offer our national and international clients a four-steps process:

  • Research: our labs are constantly looking for new solutions so as to improve the existing ones or to address new issues and face the new challenges posed by the market;
  • Development: we develop our Ricci SPA products in our plants located in Gorla Minore, São Paulo (Brazil) and Baoding (PRC). We work on products development in three different continents, in order to ensure fast deliveries and a better logistic management;
  • Delivery: thanks to our order processing system for the on demand orders we are able to minimize the delivery time, offering at the same time products with a longer shelf life;
  • Post sales: we are going to assist our partners even after the products delivery.


At Ricci SPA, we believe in chemical solutions which take into account our future. We always been ready to do our part to ensure that the future generations will live in a less polluted planet and to create a sustainable industry even on the long run.

We research the most efficient energetic solutions, always paying attention to their impact on the environment.